Some Actual Individual & family Health Plan Rates *


Family WAS Paying $2,638/mo for Obamacare!

  • This family was able to save over 50% on their health plan.
  • They purchased a family health plan with $1,000,000 annual per person maximum that includes benefits for doctor visits, emergency room, hospitalization and out-patient services.
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Self-Employed 27 Year Old Without a Health Plan

  • Even if you're single, you need a health plan. Obamacare plans are hard on the wallet and you may never hit the deductible and use the plan.
  • She bought the health plan that includes preventative care, hospitalization, critical illness, cancer, 24-hour accident, prescription drug discounts.

Family Wanted a Lower Out-of-Pocket Costs

  • A great rate for a Health Plan with $2,500 deductible that includes hospitalization, preventative care, doctor visits, prescription drugs.
  • This plan satisfies ACA Individual Mandate so no penalty will be incurred for the months this plan is in force. Let me prepare a custom proposal for your family.

Off-Set to High Deductible Obamacare Plan

  • Even if you are receiving an Obamacare subsidy, you may still be facing financially crippling high deductibles and out-of-pocket expenses. This couple purchased a 24-Hour Worldwide Accident Plan and a $50,000 cancer policy that will pay benefits IN ADDITION to any other insurance benefits.
  • (* Rates shown in these actual examples may not be the rate for your customized health plan.)