Individual & Family Health Plans at Up to 60%* off Standard Obamacare Rates

Insurance companies have been offering pre-packaged benefit plans to individuals and families for years. But, today it’s hard to make sense of buying benefits you don't want at a price you can’t afford.

People are demanding more control for their benefits choice. Insurance companies and other health plan providers are rushing to configure products to address the needs of those who want to pay a reasonable price for a health plan and buy only the benefits they want.

Customized Bundled Benefits 

Health plan options with customized benefits are created when a product from one company is combined with products from other companies to create a “bundled” benefits plan. Bundled benefits can usually be purchased at price points that are more attractive than pre-packaged benefit plans.

The strategy of choosing a package of benefits offered by more than one benefit providers is not new. Employer-sponsored benefit plans have been using this model for years. Employees simply choose which of the offered benefits they want to take.

For example, employers might offer their employees a medical plan from one company, a dental plan from another, and disability and life insurance from still other companies.

What are you looking for in your health plan?

  • doctor office visits in person or by phone
  • ER, out-patient care, and hospitalization
  • Dental, vision, and hearing
  • prescription drugs
  • Accident, cancer, critical illness that pay you directly
  • Disability insurance (paycheck protection)
  • Life insurance

Freedom to Choose

Let me show to mix match health plan components to create the benefits bundle that is right for you!

  • Want the freedom to choose ANY doctor, ANY hospital, ANY place? Just let me know.
  • Want to save the most with a Preferred Provider plan? Let me show you how that works.
  • Want to explore insurance-based health plans and health care sharing ministry options? Let me explain the pros and cons of each so you can make an informed decision.

There is a Better Way

Are you ready to:

  • Enjoy typical saving of 30% - 50% less* than standard Obamacare rates?
  • Get a health plan that lets you start using benefits right away?
  • Need a health plan that satisfies the requirements to avoid the Obamacare (ACA) penalty?
  • Start one of these cost-savings plan next month?
  • Lock in your January 2018 health plan RIGHT NOW?

Call me or fill out on interest form. Judy Bezler, (704) 559-9323. I'm here to help.

*actual savings may vary

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